Emi­nem’s storm

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Emi­nem has bru­tal­ly at­ta­cked Do­nald Trump in a free­style rap last month. In a new vi­deo cal­led The Storm, which went vi­ral in the US, the De­troit rap­per cri­ti­ci­zed the Ame­ri­can president for his at­ti­tudes to gun con­trol, race, Puer­to Ri­co and pret­ty much eve­ry­thing else. In this ly­ri­cal and an­gry ti­rade, he re­fers to him as ka­mi­kaze, ra­cist and orange. "We bet­ter give Oba­ma props / 'cause what we got in of­fice now / is a ka­mi­kaze that will pro­ba­bly cause a nu­clear ho­lo­caust," he says. Over 2 mil­lion people twee­ted about the vi­deo ac­cor­ding to Bill­board ma­ga­zine.

storm orage ici aus­si, tol­lé / to go, went, gone vi­ral se pro­pa­ger ra­pi­de­ment sur le Web / prop ac­ces­soire / in of­fice au pou­voir / to tweet about com­men­ter sur Twit­ter.

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