Who is Jas­per Johns?

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Johns is one of the most in­fluen­tial Ame­ri­can pain­ters of the twen­tieth cen­tu­ry. He was born in 1930 in Au­gus­ta, Geor­gia, and emer­ged on the art scene in the 1950s. He is of­ten as­so­cia­ted with abs­tract ex­pres­sio­nism, neo-Da­da and the Pop art mo­ve­ment. He is wi­de­ly known for his ico­nic images of flags, tar­gets, maps and light bulbs. “One night I drea­med that I pain­ted a large Ame­ri­can flag,” Johns has said, “and the next mor­ning I got up and I went out and bought the ma­te­rials to be­gin it.” On No­vem­ber 11, 2014, a 1983 ver­sion of Flag was auc­tio­ned at So­the­by's in New York for $36 mil­lion, es­ta­bli­shing a new auc­tion re­cord for the ar­tist.

in­fluen­tial in­fluent, mar­quant / ico­nic em­blé­ma­tique, cé­lèbre / to auc­tion vendre aux en­chères.

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