Ka­zuo Ishi­gu­ro

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Bri­tish au­thor Ka­zuo Ishi­gu­ro has won the 2017 No­bel Prize for li­te­ra­ture. He said he was “ta­ken com­ple­te­ly by sur­prise” and ini­tial­ly won­de­red if the an­noun­ce­ment was a case of “fake news”. The 62-year-old no­ve­list was prai­sed by the Swe­dish Aca­de­my as a wri­ter "who, in no­vels of great emo­tio­nal force, has un­co­ve­red the abyss be­neath our illu­so­ry sense of con­nec­tion with the world". His most fa­mous no­vels, The Re­mains of the Day and Ne­ver Let Me Go, were adap­ted in­to high­ly ac­clai­med films.

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