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US ho­me­land se­cu­ri­ty se­cre­ta­ry, Kirst­jen Niel­sen, has be­come the face of Trump’s “Ze­ro To­le­rance” im­mi­gra­tion po­li­cy. This po­li­cy, im­ple­men­ted in April, has led to the se­pa­ra­tion of 2,300 chil­dren from their pa­rents at the bor­der with Mexi­co. Last month, Kirst­jen Niel­sen de­fen­ded the po­li­cy to re­por­ters at the White House. “We have to do our job. We will not apo­lo­gize for doing our job,” she said. Ma­ny congres­sio­nal De­mo­crats cal­led for her re­si­gna­tion, and some Re­pu­bli­cans, as well as people from Trump’s own circle (in­clu­ding the First Lady), spoke against this “cruel” po­li­cy. Af­ter days of contro­ver­sy, Trump si­gned an exe­cu­tive or­der to put an end to fa­mi­ly se­pa­ra­tions. ho­me­land se­cu­ri­ty se­cre­ta­ry mi­nistre de la Sé­cu­ri­té in­té­rieure / to im­ple­ment mettre en oeuvre, ap­pli­quer / bor­der fron­tière / to apo­lo­gize s’ex­cu­ser / congres­sio­nal sié­geant au Congrès / to call for ré­cla­mer / re­si­gna­tion dé­mis­sion / exe­cu­tive or­der dé­cret (pré­si­den­tiel).

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