The EU-US deal

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On Ju­ly 25, Do­nald Trump and JeanC­laude Jun­cker, Pre­sident of the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion, met and struck an unex­pec­ted deal. The two lea­ders agreed to work to­wards “zero ta­riffs” on in­dus­trial goods, apart from cars, and to hold off on other ta­riffs while talks pro­ceed. The EU al­so agreed to buy a lot of Ame­ri­can soy­beans as well as to in­crease its im­ports of li­que­fied na­tu­ral gas from the US.

to strike, struck, struck a deal conclure un ac­cord / unex­pec­ted in­at­ten­du / ta­riff droit de douane / good bien, mar­chan­dise / apart from à l'ex­cep­tion de / to hold, held, held off re­mettre à plus tard, dif­fé­rer / talks dis­cus­sions, né­go­cia­tions / to pro­ceed se pour­suivre / soy­bean so­ja.

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