Afraid of the bear

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In Chi­na, the Dis­ney mo­vie Ch­ris­to­pher Ro­bin, fea­tu­ring Winnie the Pooh, has been ban­ned. Since 2013, images com­pa­ring Xi Jin­ping to Winnie the Pooh have spread on­line, and the bear cha­rac­ter has be­come a way for Chi­nese people to mock their pre­sident — but cen­sors have been era­sing the images mo­cking Xi. An image com­pa­ring Xi and Winnie du­ring a mi­li­ta­ry pa­rade in 2015 be­came that year’s most cen­so­red image in Chi­na, ac­cor­ding to Glo­bal Risk In­sights.

Winnie the Pooh Winnie l’our­son / to ban in­ter­dire / to spread, spread, spread se ré­pandre, se pro­pa­ger / cen­sors ici, cen­sure / to erase ef­fa­cer, faire dis­pa­raître / Glo­bal Risk In­sights site Web d’ana­lyse des risques et des évé­ne­ments po­li­tiques.

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