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In Au­gust, Pope Francis made a two-day trip to Ireland. It was the first pa­pal vi­sit in al­most 40 years. Du­ring his vi­sit, he met with the Irish Pre­sident Mi­chael Hig­gins and Prime Mi­nis­ter Leo Va­rad­kar, as well as with eight people who suf­fe­red sexual abuse by re­pre­sen­ta­tives of the Ca­tho­lic Church. He al­so said a Mass at Phoe­nix Park in Du­blin. A crowd of 300,000 people – smal­ler than ex­pec­ted – at­ten­ded his mass while some thou­sands of people de­mons­tra­ted against cle­ri­cal sexual abuse in the ci­ty centre. In an ad­dress du­ring the ser­vice’s pe­ni­ten­tial rite, Pope Francis as­ked for­gi­ve­ness for the “abuses in Ireland, abuses of po­wer, conscience and sexual abuses” per­pe­tra­ted by Church lea­ders. His vi­sit took place a few days af­ter a child sexual abuse scan­dal in­vol­ving hun­dreds of Ca­tho­lic priests in the US state of Penn­syl­va­nia made the head­lines.

to suf­fer su­bir / mass messe / crowd foule / to ex­pect at­tendre, es­comp­ter, es­pé­rer / to at­tend as­sis­ter à / to de­mons­trate ma­ni­fes­ter / ad­dress dis­cours; ici, ser­mon, ho­mé­lie / to take, took, ta­ken place avoir lieu / to in­volve im­pli­quer / head­line gros titre.

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