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John McCain, US Re­pu­bli­can se­na­tor and two­time pre­si­den­tial can­di­date, has died from brain cancer, aged 81. A fi­gu­re­head of Ame­ri­can politics, the se­na­tor re­pre­sen­ted Ari­zo­na in Con­gress for 35 years, first in the House of Re­pre­sen­ta­tives and then in the Se­nate. He was a Na­vy ve­te­ran who was held pri­so­ner for five years du­ring the Viet­nam War, where he un­derwent tor­ture – he would la­ter, as a po­li­ti­cian, be one of the most vo­cal op­po­nents of tor­ture. In 2008, he ran for pre­sident against Ba­rack Oba­ma, choo­sing Alas­ka Go­ver­nor Sarah Pa­lin as a run­ning mate. A fierce Trump op­ponent and a Re­pu­bli­can who was “conser­va­tive but not a conser­va­tive”, ac­cor­ding to jour­na­list William Bu­ck­ley, he cast a de­ci­sive thumbs-down vote against the Re­pu­bli­can bill to re­peal the Af­for­dable Care Act in Ju­ly. brain cer­veau / fi­gu­re­head fi­gure de proue / Na­vy ma­rine / to un­der­go, went, went su­bir / vo­cal qui se fait en­tendre, fervent / to run, ran, run for être can­di­dat à / run­ning mate co­lis­tière; ici, can­di­date à la vice-pré­si­dence / to cast, cast, cast a vote vo­ter / thumbs-down pouce vers bas, réf. au geste qu’a fait John McCain pour si­gni­fier son re­jet / bill pro­jet de loi / to re­peal abro­ger / Af­for­dable Care Act ou Oba­ma­care, loi vo­tée en 2010 ins­ti­tuant la cou­ver­ture de san­té uni­ver­selle.

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