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In En­gland, al­co­hol sales re­ve­nue would de­cline by 38% if drin­kers res­pec­ted the re­com­men­ded drin­king gui­de­lines. This is the re­sult of a stu­dy led by the IAS and the Uni­ver­si­ty of Shef­field’s Al­co­hol Re­search Group, which al­so shows that hea­vy drin­kers – people who consume more than 14 units a week – pro­vide 68% of the in­dus­try re­ve­nue while ma­king up on­ly 25% of the po­pu­la­tion. There is no mi­ni­mum unit al­co­hol pri­cing in En­gland.

re­com­men­ded gui­de­line re­com­men­da­tion / IAS = Ins­ti­tute of Al­co­hol Stu­dies / hea­vy drin­ker gros consom­ma­teur d’al­cool / unit uni­té; ici, quan­ti­té d’al­cool pur conte­nue dans un verre ou une bou­teille / to pro­vide four­nir, as­su­rer / to make, made, made up consti­tuer.

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