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New Zea­land is un­der­going an or­chard crime wave due to a shor­tage of avo­ca­dos. Af­ter two years of low har­vests, the prices of the fruit have sky­ro­cke­ted, rea­ching $3.30 per avo­ca­do in May – a 37 percent in­crease over last year – lea­ving the avo­ca­do-lo­vers des­pe­rate. The si­tua­tion spar­ked a wave of thefts in the coun­try’s or­chards, with a black mar­ket de­ve­lo­ping to sell off the sto­len fruits.

crime wave vague de cri­mi­na­li­té / to un­der­go, went, gone su­bir / or­chard ver­ger / shor­tage pé­nu­rie / har­vest ré­colte / to sky­ro­cket grim­per en flèche / in­crease aug­men­ta­tion / to spark dé­clen­cher / theft vol / to sell, sold, sold off re­vendre.

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