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Meet Ivy, the Pi­cas­so of dogs from Char­lotte, North Ca­ro­li­na. This five-year-old Aus­tra­lian She­pherd paints once a week un­der the su­per­vi­sion of her ow­ner, Li­sa Kite, and al­ways “si­gns” her art­works with an orange paw print. She has be­come a real Ins­ta­gram star and her pain­tings now sell for anyw­here from $60 to $150, all around the world, from Aus­tra­lia to Ger­ma­ny, and of course, across the US. The pro­ceeds from her pain­tings go to cha­ri­ty. She has al­so done a few com­mer­cials, lo­cal TV spots and has fea­tu­red in more than 50 Ame­ri­can news­pa­pers.

paw patte / Aus­tra­lian She­pherd ber­ger aus­tra­lien / art­work oeuvre d’art / print em­preinte / pro­ceeds re­cettes / cha­ri­ty as­so­cia­tion ca­ri­ta­tive / com­mer­cial film pu­bli­ci­taire / to fea­ture ici, ap­pa­raître.

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