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The for­mer pro­fes­sio­nal boxer Os­car De La Hoya has an­noun­ced that he is plan­ning to launch a bid for the US pre­si­den­cy in 2020, as a De­mo­crat. “That’s the beau­ty of our na­tion,” he said. “If Ar­nold can be go­ver­nor, if Trump can be Pre­sident, then why can’t a Mexi­canA­me­ri­can who won an Olym­pic gold me­dal, who’s over 35 and a U.S. ci­ti­zen, run for pre­si­den­cy?” The 45-year-old became hu­ge­ly fa­mous across the coun­try when he won his Olym­pic title in Bar­ce­lo­na in 1992 and de­di­ca­ted it to his mo­ther, who had pre­vious­ly died of breast can­cer. Al­though he en­joys huge po­pu­la­ri­ty among Mexi­can-Ame­ri­cans, he al­so has a pu­blic his­to­ry of bat­tling with al­co­hol and sub­stance ad­dic­tion, which could work against him if his run became se­rious. bid can­di­da­ture / Ar­nold = Ar­nold Sch­war­ze­neg­ger (ac­teur, cultu­riste et gou­ver­neur de Ca­li­for­nie de 2003 à 2011) / to run, ran, run for être can­di­dat à (élec­tion) / to de­di­cate dé­dier / pre­vious­ly au­pa­ra­vant / breast can­cer can­cer du sein / to bat­tle with lut­ter contre / sub­stance ad­dic­tion toxi­co­ma­nie.

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