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Last month, Elon Musk smo­ked can­na­bis du­ring a live web in­ter­view in Ca­li­for­nia. When co­me­dian Joe Ro­gan, who was in­ter­vie­wing Musk, of­fe­red him a joint, the Tes­la CEO as­ked if it was le­gal be­fore smo­king it. This event pro­vo­ked fresh contro­ver­sy and, one day la­ter, two of Tes­la se­nior exe­cu­tives quit the com­pa­ny, whose shares cra­shed 6%. Tes­la’s head of ac­coun­ting, Dave Mor­ton, sta­ted that he was lea­ving the com­pa­ny be­cause “the le­vel of pu­blic at­ten­tion pla­ced on the com­pa­ny [has] ex­cee­ded my ex­pec­ta­tions.”

live en di­rect / CEO = Chief Exe­cu­tive Of­fi­cer, PDG / fresh nou­veau / se­nior exe­cu­tive cadre di­ri­geant / to quit, quit­ted or quit dé­mis­sion­ner (de) / share ac­tion, titre / to crash s’ef­fon­drer / head of ac­coun­ting di­rec­teur comp­table / to state af­fir­mer, dé­cla­rer / le­vel ni­veau / to ex­ceed dé­pas­ser / ex­pec­ta­tion at­tente.

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