In 1999, when as­ked by The New York Times what her role would be if Do­nald Trump were to be­come Pre­sident, Me­la­nia Trump re­plied: “I would be ve­ry tra­di­tio­nal, like Bet­ty Ford or Ja­ckie Ken­ne­dy”. Be­fore her, how did the First La­dies em­bo­dy their func­tion?

Vocable (Anglais) - - Société - to em­bo­dy in­car­ner, re­pré­sen­ter.

JAC­QUE­LINE KEN­NE­DY 1961–1963 Causes: She de­di­ca­ted her time to the pro­mo­tion of Ame­ri­can arts and pre­ser­va­tion of its his­to­ry, and fa­mous­ly res­to­red the White House.

Par­ti­cu­la­ri­ty: She was re­gar­ded as an international fa­shion icon. And she is al­so tra­gi­cal­ly re­mem­be­red for ri­ding with her hus­band, Pre­sident John F. Ken­ne­dy, when he was as­sas­si­na­ted in Dal­las, Texas, in 1963. to de­di­cate consa­crer / to re­gard consi­dé­rer / icon icône, grande fi­gure / to ride, rode, rid­den ici, cir­cu­ler, se rendre (voi­ture). HILLA­RY CLIN­TON 1993–2001 Causes: She was a vo­cal ad­vo­cate for ex­pan­ding health in­su­rance co­ve­rage and rai­sing pu­blic awa­re­ness of health is­sues. Par­ti­cu­la­ri­ty: In 2016, she won the De­mo­cra­tic par­ty’s no­mi­nee for pre­sident and ran for the US pre­si­den­cy against Do­nald Trump. vo­cal ardent, vé­hé­ment / ad­vo­cate dé­fen­seur, par­ti­san / health in­su­rance co­ve­rage cou­ver­ture san­té / to raise pu­blic awa­re­ness sen­si­bi­li­ser, aler­ter la po­pu­la­tion / no­mi­nee can­di­dat dé­si­gné, of­fi­ciel / to run, ran, run for être can­di­dat à. BAR­BA­RA BUSH 1989-1993 Causes: Li­te­ra­cy was her spe­cial cause. She foun­ded the Bar­ba­ra Bush Foun­da­tion for Fa­mi­ly Li­te­ra­cy, see­king to im­prove chil­dren and pa­rents’ li­te­ra­cy in the coun­try th­rough de­di­ca­ted pro­grams. Par­ti­cu­la­ri­ty: She was both the wife of a pre­sident (George H.W. Bush) and the mo­ther of a pre­sident (George W. Bush). li­te­ra­cy al­pha­bé­ti­sa­tion / to seek, sought, sought cher­cher à / de­di­ca­ted pro­gram pro­gramme spé­cia­li­sé. MI­CHELLE OBA­MA 2009-2017 Causes: She was an ad­vo­cate for se­ve­ral causes, among which health, hi­gher edu­ca­tion, and international ado­les­cent girls’ edu­ca­tion. In 2011, she hel­ped launch Joi­ning Forces, a na­tion­wide ini­tia­tive to sup­port ser­vice mem­bers and ve­te­rans. Par­ti­cu­la­ri­ty: She was the first Afri­can-Ame­ri­can first la­dy of the U.S. na­tion­wide d’en­ver­gure na­tio­nale / ser­vice mem­ber mi­li­taire, sol­dat / ve­te­ran an­cien com­bat­tant.

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