2 Re­li­sez la pi­qûre de rap­pel et in­di­quez si ces phrases cor­res­pondent à la si­tua­tion A, B, C ou D.

Vocable (Anglais) - - Grammaire -

1. That was a great par­ty. Thank you so much for in­vi­ting me but I real­ly must go now. 2. Those idiots stan­ding around af­ter the ac­ci­dent were get­ting in the way of the emer­gen­cy ser­vices. 3. These are ve­ry va­luable books. They are quite rare. 4. Those are the most ex­qui­site je­wels I have ever seen. 5. Which one would you like? This one or that one?

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