Tea­cher shor­tage

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To ta­ckle Am­ster­dam’s tea­cher shor­tage, which es­pe­cial­ly af­fects the ci­ty’s pri­ma­ry schools, Am­ster­dam Ci­ty Coun­cil has hi­red 15 Sy­rian re­fu­gees with tea­ching ex­pe­rience to teach che­mis­try, maths and phy­sics. Six­ty ci­vil ser­vants, on­ly four of whom are qua­li­fied tea­chers, have al­so been re­crui­ted. The stag­nant wages of tea­chers in the Ne­ther­lands would ac­count for this tea­cher shor­tage, ac­cor­ding to unions.

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