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A Spa­nish start-up cal­led Hai­bu 4.0 has come up with a ra­ther sur­pri­sing so­lu­tion for Bar­ce­lo­na’s hou­sing cri­sis: ren­ting out 2.6-m² pods wi­thin a dor­mi­to­ry style buil­ding to low-in­come wor­kers. The apart­ments, cal­led “bee­hives”, in­clude a bed, table, shelf and sto­rage space, and can be ren­ted for 200 eu­ros per month. Bar­ce­lo­na ci­ty hall has re­fu­sed to is­sue a li­cence for the project, de­cla­ring ti­ny pods un­fit for hu­mans yet, des­pite this de­ci­sion, the com­pa­ny has al­rea­dy star­ted buil­ding the first pods.

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