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A lu­cky Dutch­man has just won a sur­pri­sing prize in a raffle... a book­shop! The se­cond-hand shop, cal­led Boo­kends, was set up by his cur­rent ow­ner, Paul Morris, in Car­di­gan, Wales, in 2014. It is pro­fi­table and would have made an es­ti­ma­ted £30,000 in a sale but Paul Morris, who is ta­king an ear­ly re­ti­re­ment, de­ci­ded to give an in­cre­dible op­por­tu­ni­ty to a book­lo­ver. “The prin­ciple was to make sure the shop conti­nues in good hands,” he said. Over three months, any cus­to­mer who spent more than £20 in his shop could en­ter the prize draw. The win­ning ti­cket was pul­led out of a hat in Sep­tem­ber. The win­ner will re­lo­cate to Car­di­gan to run the book­shop with a friend of his.

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