What are the U.S. midterm elec­tions?

The U.S. mid­terms are the elec­tions that take place eve­ry four years in No­vem­ber, in the middle of a pre­sident’s term in of­fice.

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Du­ring these elec­tions, Ame­ri­can ci­ti­zens elect all the mem­bers of the House of

Re­pre­sen­ta­tives (435 seats). They al­so elect mem­bers of the Se­nate in 33 or 34 states, which means that rough­ly a third of the seats in the Se­nate are up for grabs. Vo­ters al­so elect their go­ver­nors in 36 states. In ma­ny states, vo­ters are al­so being as­ked to elect mem­bers of their state le­gis­la­tures, as well as other of­fi­cers like state and coun­ty judges.

These elec­tions are of­ten re­gar­ded as a re­fe­ren­dum on the sit­ting pre­sident be­cause what is at stake is control of the se­cond arm of go­vern­ment, the “le­gis­la­ture”, that is both houses of the U.S. Congress.

term in of­fice man­dat / rough­ly ap­proxi­ma­ti­ve­ment, en­vi­ron / up for grabs à pour­voir / le­gis­la­ture as­sem­blée lé­gis­la­tive / of­fi­cer ici, of­fi­ciel / to re­gard consi­dé­rer / sit­ting en exer­cice / at stake en jeu.

globe as vo­ters have ra­ged against tra­di­tio­nal ins­ti­tu­tions and po­li­ti­cians — ad­ding to the uncertainty and ten­sion sur­roun­ding this midterm.

9. Fur­ther fue­ling the apo­ca­lyp­tic mood is Trump's all-consu­ming per­so­na­li­ty, which has kept supporters and cri­tics in­fla­med. Eve­ry week ar­rives with the ex­haus­ting ve­lo­ci­ty and un­pre­dic­ta­bi­li­ty of peak cam­pai­gn sea­son — now going on year three. Li­be­ral ac­ti­vists in­ter­vie­wed for this sto­ry stres­sed that beyond per­so­na­li­ty, they are al­so figh­ting on tan­gible is­sues that af­fect eve­ry­day

to rage against se dé­chaî­ner contre / to add to ac­croître. 9. to fuel ali­men­ter, en­tre­te­nir / mood am­biance / all-consu­ming mo­no­po­li­sant toute l'at­ten­tion / ex­haus­ting épui­sant / un­pre­dic­ta­bi­li­ty im­pré­vi­si­bi­li­té / peak som­met, apo­gée / sto­ry ici, ar­ticle / to stress in­sis­ter sur le fait que / tan­gible concret / people, such as taxes, health care, wor­kers' rights, and the Su­preme Court. Some Re­pu­bli­cans have ar­gued that the pre­sident's po­li­cies are broad­ly popular. But Trump's rea­li­ty­show style over­sha­dows eve­ry­thing, ana­lysts said.


10. With ma­ny vo­ters in mo­de­rate, su­bur­ban areas tur­ning against the pre­sident and the GOP, Penn­syl­va­nia, New Jer­sey, and Ca­li­for­nia are the three states most critical to control of the House, said Kyle Kon­dik, an ana­lyst at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vir­gi­nia. Democrats, who need to add 23 seats for a House ma­jo­ri­ty, are consi­de­red a near lock to gain at least three seats in the Philadelphia re­gion but are tar­ge­ting to argue af­fir­mer, sou­te­nir / to over­sha­dow éclip­ser. 10. su­bur­ban area zone pé­ri­ur­baine, ban­lieue / ...are consi­de­red a near lock to gain... ...de­vraient en toute pro­ba­bi­li­té rem­por­ter... / to tar­get vi­ser / much more. If a true wave emerges, they might net double-di­git gains across Penn­syl­va­nia and New Jer­sey. The fight for the Se­nate is on more conser­va­tive turf, where 10 De­mo­cra­tic in­cum­bents are run­ning in states Trump won.

11. Even if a De­mo­cra­tic wave emerges, it may not pre­dict Trump's fu­ture. Democrats suf­fe­red a di­sas­trous 2010 midterm, but Oba­ma won ree­lec­tion two years la­ter. Meanw­hile, the left is wrest­ling with its own uphea­val.

12. In some cases Democrats have no­mi­na­ted cen­trists, like Rep. Co­nor Lamb, in Wes­tern Penn­syl­va­nia, who have ap­pea­led to swing vo­ters. In other ins­tances they op­ted for hard­char­ging li­be­rals, par­ti­cu­lar­ly wo­men and people of co­lor, who have chal­len­ged the old or­der — most fa­mous­ly Alexan­dria Oca­sioCor­tez in New York and Ayan­na Press­ley in Bos­ton. The dif­ferent ap­proaches will of­fer a test of com­pe­ting stra­te­gies as Democrats pre­pare to confront Trump di­rect­ly in 2020. It's yet ano­ther rea­son why this elec­tion feels so big. to net ici, en­gran­ger / double-di­git à deux chiffres / turf terr­ri­toire, fief / in­cumbent ici, sé­na­teur sor­tant / to run, ran, run être can­di­dat, se pré­sen­ter (élec­tion). 11. to wrestle with se dé­battre avec / uphea­val ici, crise. 12. Rep. = Re­pre­sen­ta­tive membre de la Chambre des Re­pré­sen­tants / to ap­peal to plaire à, sé­duire / swing ver­sa­tile, in­dé­cis / ins­tance cas de fi­gure / hard-char­ging pug­nace, bel­li­queux / to chal­lenge re­mettre en ques­tion.

Fur­ther fue­ling the apo­ca­lyp­tic mood is Trump's all­con­su­ming per­so­na­li­ty.


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