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Brexit is loo­ming for Bri­tish em­ployers. A poll led by the em­ploy­ment agen­cy, Man­po­werG­roup, has found that hi­ring op­ti­mism is at its lo­west le­vel since 2012 among Bri­tish em­ployers. The poll, car­ried out among 2,100 em­ployers across nine dif­ferent in­dus­try sec­tors, found that on­ly 4% of firms in the UK are plan­ning to in­crease staf­fing le­vels ins­tead of ma­king cuts. The uti­li­ty in­dus­tries are among the most op­ti­mis­tic sec­tors. The sur­vey al­so found that em­ployers in En­gland are more op­ti­mis­tic than in Wales, Scot­land and Nor­thern Ire­land. to loom se pro­fi­ler, me­na­cer / poll son­dage / hi­ring (ici, concer­nant l’) em­bauche, (le) re­cru­te­ment / to car­ry out ef­fec­tuer, réa­li­ser, me­ner / firm en­tre­prise / staf­fing le­vel ni­veau des ef­fec­tifs / sur­vey son­dage, en­quête / Wales Pays de Galles.

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