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Vocable (Anglais) - - À La Une Élections De Mi-mandat -

How well do you know your En­glish vo­ca­bu­la­ry? Be­ware if you’re plan­ning to play Scrabble in En­glish: 300 new words have been ad­ded to the of­fi­cial Scrabble dic­tio­na­ry. This dic­tio­na­ry, first re­lea­sed in 1976, has been up­da­ted eve­ry four to eight years. “Emo­ji”, “twerk”, “beat­down,” and the long-awai­ted two-let­ter word “OK” are some new words you can now use.

be­ware at­ten­tion / to add ajou­ter / to re­lease pu­blier / to up­date ac­tua­li­ser, mettre à jour / emo­ji émo­ti­cône (com­bi­nai­son de ca­rac­tères pour fi­gu­rer une émo­tion) / twerk danse qui mime ou in­cite à l’acte sexuel / beat­down dé­faite écra­sante.

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