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The Uni­ver­si­ty of Man­ches­ter stu­dents’ union has pas­sed a mo­tion that en­cou­rages stu­dents who at­tend the uni­ver­si­ty’s mee­tings or events to use Bri­tish Si­gn Lan­guage clap­ping – al­so known as silent jazz hands – ins­tead of tra­di­tio­nal clap­ping. The move in­tends to make these events more ac­ces­sible to people suf­fe­ring an­xie­ty di­sor­ders such as hy­per­sen­si­ti­vi­ty to noise.

clap­ping ap­plau­dis­se­ments / union ici, as­so­cia­tion / to pass adop­ter, vo­ter / mo­tion mo­tion, pro­po­si­tion / to at­tend as­sis­ter à / to in­tend to vi­ser à / di­sor­der trouble(s).

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