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—It can never be suf­fi­ciently oft–re­peated that the man–bag is an aes­thetic scourge. How many young men, how­ever oth­er­wise so­cially ac­cept­able they may be, sport a bag tucked un­der their arm, look­ing ( although they don’t know it ) like the Queen Mum on steroids? Aargh! It’s not el­e­gant, and it’s any­thing but sexy. Of course, men need some­thing to carry their bits and bobs around in, and they, too, should be al­lowed to go a lit­tle OTT. Men: BurBerry un­der­stands. House de­signer Christo­pher Bai­ley has come up with a lit­tle clutch, hardly big­ger than a sand­wich bag, made of ruby, le­mon or cy­press green leather, to be car­ried in the hand, with the fist closed around it. A much–needed man­i­festo for sen­si­tive viril­ity.

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