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Dark as a stone cru­sader asleep for all time, he takes his mace and broadsword and in­vades Si­cily. A right royal showstopper from


with this feu­dal get–up, a trib­ute to

GAB­BANA the Nor­man kings who laid waste to D!&!G’s na­tive Si­cily in the … 11th cen­tury. There was also a strong sug­ges­tion that we might like to gad about town in a chain mail hoodie — the ul­ti­mate ear–warm­ing knit for this win­ter. It’s all very Game of Thrones and per­fect for a tête–à–tête with gay king Renly Baratheon or a spot of orgy in the company

of Prince Oberyn Martell. Tak­ing a man in jog­ging tights and putting him on the cat­walk with over­sized top­pings seemed to be the leit­mo­tif of Bill Gayten’s W14 col­lec­tion for John huge shoul­ders, skinny legs.

GALLIANO — It also seemed de­signed to get cov­er­age in the UK’s most re­fined gents’ mags. ($Ac­cord­ing to the En­cy­clopæ­dia Ce­cilBeato­nia, it is an iron rule of fash­ion that the re­fined Bri­tish stylist must pho­to­graph 200 boys wear­ing tights and over­sized sweaters each sea­son.$) The chaps who make men’s shoes don’t re­ally have a wild time, so small is the cup into which their cre­ative juices can flow. There is end­less wa­ver­ing over a blue shoelace. A red sole can get you tarred and feath­ered. in his wis­dom, knows

RAF SI­MONS, this, and must have felt that the guys in his shoe depart­ment were slid­ing in­ex­orably into melan­cho­lia. So here’s the an­ti­dote to shoe­maker

blues — the car­toon–in­spired magic clog. Dropped jaws ($and Showstopper gong$) guar­an­teed for this chin­chilla hoodie that most def­i­nitely wouldn’t look out of place in a Psy video and keep you snug on a breezy pool­side af­ter­noon. If you want to make less of a splash, Donatella can of­fer well–cut raw denim.

VER­SACE But her oil­man jeans are un­likely to go as vi­ral through­out the known uni­verse as her chin­chilla hoodie. It all de­pends on those es­sen­tial life choices: you can opt to grab a cof­fee dis­creetly in your hood, or wear the hood sur­rounded by a cou­ple of dozen heav­ies to avoid be­ing mobbed in Asia. Get­ting im­bal­ance right is all about strik­ing the right bal­ance.

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