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drESS cOdE 2 This is the mo­ment when the py­jama — like those worn by Jack Cocteau or Jean Ker­ouac — be­came main­stream day­wear. We like the idea of bend­ing things a bit, of just chillax­ing. It’s what the po­et­i­cally minded would do, any­way. For decades ( and then some ), women have felt em­pow­ered to dis­play their disha­bille in the full light of day and on the red car­pet. Now it’s the turn of the men to wal­low in silk from head to toe. Py­ja­mas are a ba­sic in the male wardrobe, so why not play it for all it’s worth? You can choose to wear them as is, er, cami– kaze style, or mix and match with a shirt, or some trousers, or hi­jack the top for a bomber jacket. Here, it’s worn with a chunky roll–neck sweater, the high neck an­chored with a face–shaped brooch, and ac­ces­sorised with a mes­sen­ger bag — very con­ve­nient for car­ry­ing around that vin­tage 20th– cen­tury stuff called pa­per ( of­ten in the shape of thin pages that you piled up and bound to make files or mag­a­zines — I know, weird stuff, pa­per ). Think of the py­jama as the em­bod­i­ment of un­con­trived non­cha­lance, with­out dandifying pre­ten­sions, but to­tally all the same.


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