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To put a stop to those overly white, opaque, straight teeth that look like an ad for tooth­paste, Dr Michael Apa has come up with a new ap­proach to smiles. From his prac­tice on Madi­son Av­enue, New York, this new – style den­tist ad­vo­cates a 100 % – or­ganic method that he has dubbed “Fa­cial Aes­thetic De­sign ”. He starts by film­ing your smile, your laugh, the way you speak, and even the way you chew ! Then, the com­puter takes over, and us­ing so­phis­ti­cated al­go­rithms, he pro­duces a new “den­tal de­sign ”, which ac­tu­ally vis­ually cor­rects fa­cial asym­me­try, a weak chin, a bent nose, an up­per lip that’s too thin or ema­ci­ated cheeks. How? By us­ing porce­lain facets that are in­vis­i­ble to the naked eye. In ad­di­tion, the colour and trans­parency of the facets, once placed on the enamel, with­out dam­ag­ing the den­tine, are cho­sen ac­cord­ing to the pa­tient’s age, com­plex­ion and the colour of their gums, for an haute cou­ture re­sult that looks so nat­u­ral it sim­ply beg­gars be­lief.

Dr Michael Apa, The Rosen­thal – Apa Group, 30 E 76th St., New York Tel. + 1 212 794 9600, www.rosen­tha­la­pa­

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