Good news : it’s no longer nec­es­sary to starve your­self ev­ery day in or­der to lose weight. Ac­cord­ing to the “Intermittent Fast­ing ” prin­ci­ple, al­ter­nat­ing a day of nor­mal eat­ing with a day with­out car­bo­hy­drates ( fast sug­ars, al­co­hol, pasta, bread, rice, ce­re­als ), which cuts calo­rie in­take by be­tween 25 and 30 %, ap­par­ently has the same ef­fect as a con­stant diet on the se­cre­tion of in­sulin, the re­duc­tion in tummy fat and in ac­ti­vat­ing the ba­sic me­tab­o­lism. The “al­ter­nat­ing diet sends a phys­i­o­log­i­cal sig­nal of lower food in­take, which acts both on the hy­po­thal­a­mus and on feel­ing hun­gry,” says Dr Lavinia Ionita. Stud­ies have even shown that, like a tra­di­tional diet, Intermittent Fast­ing plays a pos­i­tive role in ox­i­dis­ing stress, lipid lev­els and sir­tu­ins ( longevity pro­teins ) with a truly pre­ven­tive ef­fect on age­ing.” “Mi­cro – needling ” clearly in­volves nee­dles, but very tiny ones. The new method, al­ready in vogue from New York to Paris, uses a cylin­der equipped with 600 mi­cro – nee­dles just 1mm long. When rolled over lightly anaes­thetised skin, it cre­ates thou­sands of tiny chan­nels in the skin through which a cock­tail of ac­tive cell boost­ers ( vi­ta­mins, pep­tides, etc. ) can pen­e­trate. The skin reacts and tenses up. Cer­tain doc­tors com­pare the ef­fect to that of chem­i­cal peel­ing with­out the red­ness that makes you afraid to go out for hours, or some­times days. An­other, even gen­tler, op­tion is the Oxy – Val­mont treat­ment avail­able at the Cay­ola Spa in Paris. Af­ter lymph drainage and stim­u­la­tion of the sub­cu­ta­neous mus­cles, a ster­ile roller with mi­cro – pins is rolled over the skin, to pre­pare it for a re­vi­tal­is­ing oxy­gen – pro­pelled for­mula. It’s just as ef­fec­tive as med­i­cal treat­ments with­out hav­ing to forgo the re­lax­ing spa at­mos­phere.

90 min., € 155. Cay­ola Spa, 57, rue de Bour­gogne, Paris, 7th Gen­tler than resur­fac­ing lasers, LEDs are be­com­ing very popular in anti – age­ing pro­ce­dures. There’s no pain, or side ef­fects. The idea is to ex­pose the skin to the light on spe­cific wave­lengths that will boost cell ac­tiv­ity to such an ex­tent that the cells func­tion as they did when they were young, re­sult­ing in a more toned look and a finer com­plex­ion. New pro­to­cols, such as Cos­méLED use this method, with mi­cro – needling to max­imise light and ra­diofre­quen­cies Also worth not­ing are “soft ” lasers, such as In­nerLaz­erLift by the East Bay Laser & Skin Cen­ter, in Cal­i­for­nia. This tech­nique uses a noz­zle placed in­side the mouth, which fills out the skin tis­sue from the in­side to make naso – labial folds dis­ap­pear. It’s a must for those of us who can’t bear the thought of nee­dles, and for all soft­ies gen­er­ally, as there’s no pain, just a warm feel­ing. Cos­méLED € 350 for a 3– ses­sion, 3 day pro­gramme, Esthé­clinic, 83, av­enue de la Bour­don­nais, Paris 7th East Bay Laser & Skin Care Cen­ter, 1479, Yg­na­cio Val­ley Road,

Wal­nut Creek, Cal­i­for­nia. www.east­bay­ A guar­an­tee of new blood, lit­er­ally, the mol­e­cule is sim­i­lar, to the near­est atom, that of haemoglobin. Take chloro­phyll cap­sules or as a con­cen­trate di­luted in wa­ter, in the long run, to in­crease the red blood cells, pu­rify the liver and boost the skin’s abil­ity to heal. A Mid­dle Eastern high anti – ox­i­dant ce­real, freekeh is du­rum wheat har­vested be­fore it ma­tures, flame – grilled to stop ger­mi­na­tion, then sun–dried. With a fi­bre con­tent four times higher than whole­meal rice, a ridicu­lously low gly­caemic in­dex and high cal­cium, potas­sium, iron and zinc lev­els, you can leave the rice and pasta in the cup­board ! Th­ese nu­tri­tional con­cen­trates con­tain all the amino – acids the body needs to func­tion nor­mally, plus a host of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. Benefits in­clude a per­fect me­tab­o­lism, con­stant con­trol over lipid lev­els in the blood­stream and sharp­ened im­mune de­fences. With six times as much potas­sium as ba­nanas, six times more Vi­ta­min C than or­anges, twice as much cal­cium as milk and twice as many anti – ox­i­dants as goji berries, Vi­ta­min B1 and sol­u­ble pro­teins, the baobab’s prop­er­ties demon­strate why it is so ef­fec­tive in fight­ing fa­tigue, in help­ing the heart, choles­terol and blood sugar lev­els, and even in mak­ing your skin health­ier. It’s still hard to find in the West, but should soon be mak­ing its way into health shops.


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