The Five eSSen­tialS oF French Style

VOGUE Hommes International (English) - - OLIVIER LALANNE LOÏC PRIGENT - 1 a com­mon– or– gar­den black din­ner jacket, 2 a pair oF vintage apc jeanS, a plain Shirt, 3 5 a warm, roomy, navy blue reeFer jacket,

that has had a thou­sand out­ings, smells of mul­ti­ple per­fumes af­ter

so many hugs, with past–their– sell– by– date busi­ness cards for­got­ten in the in­side pocket, and a hem com­ing un­done so non

cha­lantly that it be­comes a form of re­fine­ment.

that once were raw, but are now like a sec­ond skin, look­ing as if they had a lot of sto­ries

to tell, and worn into a hole by the groin, of course. with the sleeves rolled up right to the bi­ceps, like Pop­eye.

4 a tee Shirt kept For purely Sen­ti­men­tal rea­SonS that has sur­vived four break– ups, three moves, and a dozen spring

cleans. But, hey, the cot­ton has be­come silky smooth with age, the neck sags with just the right amount of in­so­lence, and it

rides up nicely at the slight­est move­ment.

with but­tons dec­o­rated with anchors; ro­bust — none of that polyamide lam­i­nated non­sense — no zips, no Gore–Tex, not even

wa­ter­proof. And if it’s cold, you turn the col­lar up and grit your teeth. But at least you don’t look like an Ice­landic fish­er­man.

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