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As tourists or ex­pats in Paris there are some quirks we have all no­ticed among the Parisians, the way they march to their des­ti­na­tions, their con­stant pout­ing and the way they or­der at restau­rants. Olivier Gi­raud has too, no­ticed that the Parisians are unique in their be­hav­iour, and has de­cided to bring all those idio­syn­cra­sies to light. Born in Bordeaux, Olivier moved to Paris to study ho­tel man­age­ment and af­ter grad­u­at­ing he moved to the Unites States where he man­aged a res­tau­rant of a 5-star ho­tel. Af­ter four years, and many soul-search­ing nights, he de­cided to re­turn to France and fol­low his real dream of be­com­ing a comedian. Hav­ing ex­pe­ri­enced the cul­tural dif­fer­ences be­tween the Parisians and Amer­i­cans while in Florida, and hav­ing ob­served for him­self the tourists of all na­tion­al­i­ties in Paris, he de­cided to not shy away from the hard-hit­ting ques­tions of how one be­comes a real Parisian. How do you grab a waiter’s at­ten­tion in a café? In the metro, what do you do if you see an older lady or a preg­nant woman? And how do you be­have in a cab? Putting to­gether a one man show, How to be­come Parisian in one hour?, the stand-up comic will leave you rolling in your seat from laugh­ter and 100% pre­pared for any sit­u­a­tion in the City of Light. En­tirely per­formed in English, it is a great show for ev­ery­one, in­clud­ing Parisians who will no doubt get a good laugh at them­selves. It is not an easy feat to mas­ter the Parisian at­ti­tude but Olivier has put to­gether a fail-proof guide­line of French eti­quette that will leave you em­brac­ing the oh la la fac­tor. Non-stop laugh­ter from a real Parisian guar­an­teed to leave you want­ing more.

This is THE PER­FECT GUIDE to en­joy Paris and the Parisians!

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