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Bal­loon Fight, Bub­b­le Bob­b­le, Cast­le­va­ni, Cast­le­va­nia II: Si­mon’s Qu­est, Don­key Kong, Don­key Kong Jr., Dou­ble Dra­gon II: The Re­ven­ge, Dr. Ma­rio, Exci­te­bike, Fi­nal Fan­ta­sy, Ga­la­ga, Ghosts’n Gob­lins, Gra­di­us, Ice Clim­ber, Kid Ica­rus Kir­by’s Ad­ven­ture, Ma­rio Bros., Me­ga Man 2, Me­tro­id, Ni­ja Gai­den, Pac-Man, Pun­chOut!! Fea­tu­ring Mr. Dream, Star Tro­pics, Su­per C Su­per Ma­rio Bros., Su­per Ma­rio Bros. 2, Su­per Ma­rio Bros. 3, Tecmo Bowl, The Le­gend of Zel­da, Zel­da II: The Ad­ven­ture of Link.

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