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On Ju­ne 15, 2014, the LGTBI “Pink Dot” par­ty is hap­pe­ning in Ta­mar Park in Hong Kong. What the or­ga­ni­zers de­scri­be as a ra­ther apo­li­ti­cal event is being held un­der the mot­to “We Are Fa­mi­ly. Free­dom To Love.” The lar­ge Hong Kong Gay Pri­de event is plan­ned for fall, and, as Wai Wai Yeo, a mem­ber of the pri­de com­mit­tee says, it will be “po­li­ti­cal and in the strugg­le against dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on.” One of the pri­ma­ry con­cerns at the mo­ment is the le­ga­li­sa­ti­on of gay mar­ria­ge. But Hong Kong Gay Pri­de is al­so about ha­ving fun and blo­wing so­ap bub­bles (as can be­en se­en in the photo). The first one took place in 2008.

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