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This so­mew­hat un­wiel­dy ab­bre­via­ti­on (in­clu­ding as­te­risk) was de­ve­l­o­ped by the com­mu­ni­ty in To­ron­to, Ca­na­da, whe­re 2014 Worl­dP­ri­de is ta­king place. Their ho­pe is that it in­clu­des the who­le di­ver­si­ty of li­fe-con­cepts. Un­ra­vel­ling this jum­ble of let­ters, you get the fol­lo­wing: les­bi­an, gay, bi­se­xu­al, trans­se­xu­al, trans­gen­der, in­ter­se­xu­al, queer, qu­es­tio­n­ing, two-spi­rit peop­le and al­lies. A to­tal of ten groups! Ha­ve they for­got­ten an­yo­ne? Af­ter coun­ting th­rough them again, it ap­pears not. Howe­ver if they ha­ve, the as­te­risk is the­re just in ca­se …

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