Ela­na, Nia and Mar­le­ne

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We ha­ve be­en part­ners for 10 ye­ars, and we are in the pro­cess of ad­op­ting Nia th­rough the San Fran­cis­co fos­ter ca­re sys­tem. We are so exci­ted about being mom­mies; it is tru­ly a dream co­me true. Our fa­mi­ly is a patch­work quilt. Each of us is a who­le, be­au­ti­ful, uni­que fa­b­ric – we each re­pre­sent dif­fe­rent cul­tu­res, eth­ni­ci­ties, and li­fe sto­ries. When sewn to­ge­ther, we crea­te a striking and com­plex quilt, each pie­ce re­mai­ning unal­te­red and exis­ting in its own right. To­ge­ther, our patch­work quilt il­lu­mi­na­tes the be­au­ty and vi­bran­cy that is a mo­dern day fa­mi­ly.

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