Ja­vier, Joy and Alu­zio

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The mo­ment that I was in­se­mi­na­ted I knew that I was pregnant. Six weeks la­ter, the test pro­ved that I was in fact pregnant. Ha­ving sat around for ye­ars drea­m­ing of my child­ren I knew what his/her na­me was go­ing to be. My pregnan­cy was a litt­le dif­fi­cult but it ma­de me fo­cus on my he­alth and the he­alth of my child. Our bond was for­med al­re­a­dy: I thought I was ha­ving a girl, but the so­no­gram pic­tu­res and legs wi­de open chan­ged that, his na­me would be Ja­vier. He ca­me af­ter 39 hours of la­bor, calm and awa­ke. He’s be­en he­re be­fo­re, is what the wi­se ones would say upon mee­ting him, and he has. He is my soul. My se­cond pregnan­cy was a jour­ney of months and months to ye­ars of try­ing. Right when I was go­ing to gi­ve up, I got pregnant, my due da­te Ja­vier’s bir­th­day. I told my se­cond child, don’t co­me on your bro­ther’s bir­th­day he will ne­ver for­gi­ve you. He lis­tened to my ad­vice and ca­me 5 days la­ter, and that has be­en the last time he has ta­ken my ad­vice. Alu­zio is my he­ad strong child, he has to do things his way, and bend the world to him, not bend for the world. He is my he­art. My sons are my gift from GOD, my He­art and Soul and the LOVES of my li­fe. They are ALL THAT MAT­TER.

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