We per­fect this watch by hand.

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Even though you will pro­bab­ly ne­ver see ma­ny of the le­vers, wheels, and springs in the mo­ve­ment of the LAN­GE 1 TI­ME ZO­NE, Lan­ge’s mas­ter watchma­kers me­ti­cu­lous­ly re­fi­ne them by hand. No mat­ter how ti­ny or hid­den a part may be, each one is en­do­wed with a spe­ci­fic ty­pe of fi­nis­sa­ge and must com­ply with the most strin­gent ar­tis­anal and aes­t­he­tic stan­dards. In all A.Lan­ge & Söh­ne ti­me­pie­ces, the mo­ve­ment com­po­n­ents are de­co­ra­ted, po­lis­hed, and en­gra­ved ac­cor­ding to ve­nerable tra­di­ti­ons. All the ed­ges

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