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> Hope­ful­ly you don’t ha­ve eye fa­ti­gue af­ter last month’s Ber­li­na­le, be­cau­se the­re’s ano­ther film fes­ti­val worthy of your at­ten­ti­on.: com­ba­ting the gen­der im­ba­lan­ce in the film in­dus­try as well as me­dia (mis)re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on of wo­men, the an­nu­al Ber­lin Fe­mi­nist Film Week ta­kes place for the third ti­me, ki­cking off on In­ter­na­tio­nal Wo­men’s Day. Con­cer­ned neit­her with glit­zy world pre­mie­res nor rep­ping the lo­cal sce­ne, BFFW ca­re­ful­ly cu­ra­tes re­cent works that pre­sent wo­men in ac­tive ro­les, whe­ther on or off­screen, with an ex­tra em­pha­sis on in­ter­sec­tio­na­li­ty. Of cour­se this me­ans the­re will be plen­ty for the queer eye as well. His­to­ri­cal dra­ma Whi­leYouWe­ren’tLoo­king (pic­tu­red) ta­kes a look at the le­gal shifts in LGBT ac­cep­tan­ce in 90s South Af­ri­ca. It fol­lows the ex­pe­ri­en­ces of an ar­ray of Ca­pe Town queers, in­clu­ding a mi­xe­dra­ce coup­le and their ad­op­ted daugh­ter who’s am­bi­va­lent about ha­ving two moms. The Ali­en and Ter­mi­na­tor fran­chi­ses not­wi­th­stan­ding, the­re isn’t a sur­p­lus of sci-fi mo­vies that could be cal­led fe­mi­nist. Ad­van­ta­ge­ous, though, has not just a fe­ma­le di­rec­tor and fe­ma­le le­ad – its thought­pro­vo­king plot­li­ne mi­xes the­mes of mo­ther­hood and be­au­ty with eco­no­mic dis­pa­ri­ty and sur­veil­lan­ce. Set in 2041, the film has al­so be­en prai­sed for its subt­le vi­su­al ef­fects. Ci­ne­ma is ob­vious­ly not the on­ly field in which wo­men are un­der­re­pre­sen­ted. Co­de:De-bug­ging­t­heGen­derGap is a do­cu­men­ta­ry that in­ves­ti­ga­tes why the­re are so few wo­men in tech and what we can do to chan­ge that. A pa­nel dis­cus­sion will fol­low. All films an­noun­ced in the pro­gram thus far are from the past ye­ar, sug­gesting that fes­ti­val di­rec­tor Ka­rin For­nan­der has her fin­ger on the pul­se of third-wa­ve fe­mi­nism. The scree­nings, dis­cus­sions, film quiz and par­ty (with Ma­gic Is­land and Ta­mi Ta­ma­ki) ta­ke place at va­rious ve­nues throughout the ci­ty. Check the web­site for de­tails. <

Jo­ey Han­som Ber­lin Fe­mi­nist Film Week, Mar. 8-14 ber­lin­fe­mi­nist­film­week.com

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