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Deutsche Oper

A 1960s dé­cor-free box of acous­tic magic. Direc­tor and con­duc­tor Don­ald Run­ni­cles puts to­gether rich pro­grams with lots of Verdi, Rossini, and Mozart. 9–16 Sep: Oresteia (Ian­nis Xe­nakis). Opera per­formed on the park­ing deck of the Deutsche Oper build­ing. www.deutscheoper­ber­ Bis­mar­ck­str. 35. T: 030.34384343. U Deutsche Oper. B3

Komis­che Oper

Young and dar­ing opera pro­duc­tions won this theater the ti­tle of “Opera House of the year 2013.” Aus­tralian in­ten­dant Barrie Kosky is also the artis­tic direc­tor of some of the per­for­mances, with mes­mer­iz­ing re­sults. 12, 18 Sep: The Magic Flute (Mozart). 13, 21 Sep: A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream (Brit­ten). 20, 28 Sep: Clivia (Nico Dostal). 12 Sep: Die Zauber­flöte (Mozart). www.komis­che- oper­ber­ Behrensstr. 55-57. T: 030.47997400. U Franzö­sis­che Straße. E3


Ber­lin’s bal­let com­pany, cur­rently housed in the Deutsche Oper. 12, 13 Sep: One­gin ( Tchaikovsky), chore­og­ra­phy by Cranko, at Schillerthe­ater. 14, 26 Sep: The Open Square (Per­cossa), chore­og­ra­phy by Galili, at Komis­che Oper. 19, 28 Sep: Ra­mantsky|Welch. Chore­ogra­phies by Ra­mantsky and Welch, at Schillerthe­ater. www.staats­bal­let­tber­ Richard-Wagner-Str. 10. T: 030.34384140. U Deutsche Oper. B3

Staat­soper im Schillerthe­ater

While its glam­orous home venue on Un­ter den Lin­den gets re­vamped, the Staat­soper has tem­po­rar­ily moved all per­for­mances to the Schiller Theater. Daniel Baren­boim’s per­fect pro­duc­tions range from Baroque operas to con­tem­po­rary pre­mieres. 1, 3 Sep: Pian­ist Daniel Baren­boim per­forms Pi­ano Con­cer­tos 1 and 2 (Brahms). Cond. Du­damel. 14, 15, 20 Sep: La Travi­ata ( Verdi). 18, 21, 26 Sep: Can­dide (Bern­stein). 29 Sep: Pian­ist Daniel Baren­boim per­forms Schu­bert’s Pi­ano Sonatas. 18, 21, 26 Sep: Can­dide (Bern­stein). www.staat­soper- ber­ Schiller­str. 9/ Bis­mar­ck­str. 110. T: 030.20354555. U Deutsche Oper. B3

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