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In­gre­di­ents (serves 6) Goose and filling: 1 goose (4 to 4.5kg) with giblets 150g mixed minced meat 5 slices of bread 3 shal­lots 20g but­ter 3 eggs Salt, pep­per, pars­ley, rose­mary, thyme, and Bei­fuss (sage brush)

Prepa­ra­tion For the sauce, cut off the wing tips and neck from the goose and chop coarsely to­gether with the giblets. Mix to­gether with the oil in a bak­ing pan. Bake in a pre­heated oven at 220 de­grees on the bot­tom rack for 40 min­utes un­til golden brown. Wash and coarsely chop the roasted vegetables and add after 30 min­utes. De­cant all of the juices into a large saucepan and heat. Stir in the tomato paste and deglaze with the red wine, let it boil briefly. Add 3 liters of cold wa­ter, herbs, and spices and bring to the boil again, then let sim­mer over low heat for 1 hour. Pass the fond (ap­prox. 1.5L) through a very fine sieve into a saucepan (set­ting the in­nards aside), re­move any vis­i­ble fat, and re­duce on high heat to 400 ml. Al­low the sauce to cool overnight.

Sauce: Wing bones and neck of the goose 600g poul­try car­cass 2 T canola oil 400g roasted vegetables (cel­ery, leek, car­rot, and onion) 2 tsp tomato paste 200ml red wine Ju­niper berries, bay leaf, rose­mary, thyme, salt, pep­per, and nut­meg.

For the filling, cut the in­nards of the goose into small cubes and mix with the minced meat in a bowl. Cut the bread slices into small cubes as well and add. Peel the shal­lots and chop finely, then sauté in a pan with the but­ter and chopped herbs be­fore adding to the meat mix­ture. Fi­nally, add the eggs and sea­son to taste.

Stuff the goose with the filling and rub all over with salt. Place the goose in a roast­ing pan with the breast side down and pour in 200 ml of wa­ter. Place the pan on the bot­tom rack in a pre­heated oven at 180 de­grees (with top / bot­tom heat only, the fan set­ting is not rec­om­mended) and cook for 30 min­utes. Turn the goose and cook for another 2.5 hours, con­tin­u­ously bast­ing the goose with the meat juices from the roast­ing pan.

Take the goose out of the oven. Pour off the fat and liq­uid into a sep­a­rate jug. Add 5 T goose fat back into the roast­ing pan. Place the goose with the breast side up again and cook for another 30 min­utes at 200-220 de­grees.

Add 200 ml of the goose stock with 6-8 tsp goose fat to the pre­pared sauce. Boil and if nec­es­sary thicken with a lit­tle starch. Carve the goose and serve with potato dumplings and Brussels sprouts.

TV chef Ralf Zacherl from wine bar and restau­rant

Sch­midtZ& KO ( Rhe­in­str. 45- 46. www. sch­midt-z- ko. de) shares his se­crets for a de­li­cious Christ­mas goose.

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