Pink Mys­tery

Where Berlin - - SIGHTSEEING -

What are those pink pipe­lines wind­ing their way around the city? An art in­stal­la­tion? The course of the for­mer Berlin Wall? Or are they gas pipes? None of the above. They are part of the city’s drainage sys­tem. Berlin was founded in a very swampy area, which means the ground­wa­ter level, es­pe­cially in the city cen­ter, is quite close to the sur­face, flood­ing con­struc­tion sites when­ever the foun­da­tions of a new build­ing are laid. The pink (or, in some cases, blue or yel­low) pipe­lines pump it all away. If you follow them to one end you will come to ei­ther a build­ing site or a water­way. The twists and turns are merely to pre­vent the pipes from burst­ing in freez­ing win­ter tem­per­a­tures. Mys­tery solved!

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