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Berlin’s main cathe­dral presents a plethora of sa­cred mu­sic con­certs year round. 2, 3 Jan: Christ­mas Ora­to­rio (Bach) in a scenic rep­re­sen­ta­tion by Christoph Hagel. 3 Jan: Christ­mas Ora­to­rio (Bach) sung by the Ber­liner Domkan­torei.­er­ Am Lust­garten. T: 030.20269136. S Hack­escher Markt. E3/F3


Part of the Phil­har­monie, this ad­di­tional con­cert hall presents daily con­certs of cham­ber mu­sic. 6 Jan: Pi­anist An­drás Schiff per­forms Haydn, Beethoven, Mozart and Schu­bert. 10 Jan: The Yid­dish Swing Orches­tra in con­cert. 15 Jan: The Brahms En­sem­ble Berlin per­form Brahms’ Pi­ano Trios and Quin­tetts. 20 Jan: The Jerusalem Quar­tett plays Haydn and Smetana. 23 Jan: Vladimir Mogilesky pi­ano recital. 25 Jan: Artist in res­i­dence Christian Tezt­laff plays Mozart, Schön­berg and Haydn. 29 Jan: The United King­dom Ukulele Orches­tra in con­cert.­er­phil­har­ Her­bert-von- Kara­jan-Str. 1. T: 030.254880. S+U Pots­damer Platz. D3


This charis­matic 1821 con­cert hall is the base theater of the Konz­erthau­sor­ch­ester, but other orches­tras and soloists grace its stage reg­u­larly. 1 Jan: New Year’s Con­cert with the Konz­erthau­sor­ch­ester, Shel­ley and Ker­mes. 3 Jan: Staatskapelle Berlin, cond. Daniel Baren­boim, with Lisa Ba­ti­ashvili (vi­o­lin) per­form Tchaikovsky’s Con­certo for Vi­o­lin and Orches­tra. 4 Jan: Brass Band Berlin, Happy New Year. 5 Jan: MozART Group per­forms A dif­fer­ent New Year’s con­cert. 7 Jan: Don Kosaken Chor. 9, 10 Jan: Konz­erthau­sor­ch­ster Berlin, cond. Iván Fis­cher per­forms Brahms. 10 Jan: Pi­anist Amir Katz per­forms Chopin and Bach’s English Suite n. 3. 13 Jan: Wiener Jo­hann Strauss Gala Konz­ert with the K&K Phil­har­moniker. 16–18 Jan: The Konz­erthau­sor­ch­ester with An­tje Wei­thaas (vi­o­lin) per­form Berg and Bruck­ner. 24 Jan: The Vogler Quar­tett plays Haydn, Beethoven. 29 Jan: The Staatskapelle Berlin, cond. Tom Koop­man, per­forms Bach. 30, 31 Jan: The Konz­erthau­sor­ch­ester, cond. Michael San­der­ling, with Martin Helm­chen (vi­o­lin) per­forms Beethoven and Shostakovich. www.konz­erthaus. de. Gen­dar­men­markt. T: 030.203092101. U Hausvogteiplatz. E3


The iconic con­cert venue is home to the ac­claimed Ber­liner Phil­har­moniker, cur­rently led by Sir Si­mon Rat­tle, but also hosts other stel­lar en­sem­bles and soloists. Free lunch con­certs ev­ery Tues­day at 1pm. Check web­site for pro­gram.

The Ber­liner Phil­har­moniker, cond.

9–11 Jan: 16–18 Her­bert Blom­st­edt, per­form Bruck­ner.

Jan: The Ber­liner Phil­har­moniker, cond. Christian Thiel­mann, play Liszt and Beethoven. 22–24 Jan: The Ber­liner Phil­har­moniker, cond. Thiele­mann, play Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Re­quiem. 27 Jan: Mem­bers of the Ber­liner Phil­ha­moniker, cond. Sir Si­mon Rat­tle, play Bach’s Vi­o­lin Con­certo and works by Beethoven and Bruch. 28–29 Jan: The Ber­liner Phil­ha­moniker, cond. Sir Si­mon Rat­tle, with Kavakos (vi­o­lin) per­form Si­belius. 31 Jan: The Ber­liner Phil­ha­moniker, cond. Sir Si­mon Rat­tle, per­form Mahler’s 2nd Sym­phony.­er­phil­har­ Her­bert-von- Kara­jan-Str. 1. T: 030.254880. S+U Pots­damer Platz. D3

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