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For this bar­tender – and co­founder of the pop­u­lar Jig­ger, Beaker & Glass – ev­ery drink he cre­ates is a work of art.

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What about bar­tend­ing inspires you?

I’m in­ter­ested in cre­at­ing sto­ries through fla­vors. Al­co­hol has this prop­erty of con­serv­ing fla­vors, and you can play with that, from sweet to spicy to bit­ter, and cre­ate a story that way. In a way, be­ing a bar­tender got me back into art.

What is one fla­vor story peo­ple can try at your bar?

I’m re­ally into the tastes of sweet and salty. I like to work with ex­per­i­men­tal in­gre­di­ents like sesame oil and peanut but­ter, fla­vors that will be sur­pris­ing. I make a drink at Jig­ger, Beaker & Glass (Gärt­ner­str. 15) called the Go­mashio Pi­rate with sesame-oil rum, sake, stout beer syrup, wasabi, and lime.

How has Ber­lin’s bar scene changed in re­cent years?

The bar scene has changed dra­mat­i­cally. Af­ter Stag­ger Lee opened in 2010, they re­ally started the mod­ern mixol­ogy trend. Be­fore that, there were a few good bars, like Würgeen­gel, Green Door (p. 60), and Vic­to­ria Bar (p. 60). But most started about two years ago, like Buck & Breck (p. 60), Red­wood (p. 60), Sch­warze Traube ( Wrangel­str. 24), and John Muir (p. Skalitzer­str. 50). Right now, Ber­lin is still do­ing clas­sics and twists on clas­sics. But I’m re­ally into the ex­per­i­men­tal stuff. There’s still this idea in Ber­lin of hav­ing things be cheap, and that slows things down. But it’s get­ting there.

When you go out, which bars are your fa­vorites?

The man­ager at Red­wood is a friend of mine and I think he’s a re­ally, re­ally good host. I like TiER ( We­ser­str. 42) for the at­mos­phere, but only when it’s re­ally late, like 3am, be­cause oth­er­wise it’s too crowded. I go to Buck & Breck from time to time be­cause there’s some­thing about the at­mos­phere that’s re­ally unique.

What about eat­ing out?

I ate at Shiso Burger (Au­gust­str. 29c, re­cently and re­ally liked the Asian twist to their burgers. But my ab­so­lute fa­vorite res­tau­rant is Lewy in Pots­dam (Dor­tustr. 1). It’s the best res­tau­rant I’ve been to since I moved to Ber­lin. It’s Ital­ian with a twist, with a re­ally good se­lec­tion of cheese and wine.

Which area do you call home, and what drew you to it?

I’ve al­ways loved Kreuzberg. It’s kind of messy and I like the chaos. It has the Turk­ish in­flu­ence and the gay cul­ture and this spe­cial rhythm. My fa­vorite place would prob­a­bly be the bar Roses (p. 60). You al­ways go late and meet weird peo­ple, but the at­mos­phere is re­ally spe­cial. You can do

what­ever and be what­ever.

What would be your per­fect Ber­lin day?

I would start the day at the beau­ti­ful House of Small Won­der (p. 50) with a croque-madame sand­wich and a re­ally good matcha latte. If it were Sun­day, I would spend the rest of the day at a club, like Sisyphos (Haupt­str. 15) or Berghain (p. 60). Oth­er­wise I’d go to Kreuzberg – I love to walk along the canal there. I also love vis­it­ing aban­doned places like Teufels­berg or the for­mer Iraqi em­bassy. I’d bring a cou­ple beers and shoot a lot of photos. That’s what I love about Ber­lin – the amount of pos­si­bil­i­ties. You can go to new places all the time. For din­ner, I’d go to To Beef or Not to Beef (Akazien­str. 3,­beefornot­to­beef.ber­lin), and af­ter din­ner, I’d go to Green Door. I al­ways ask the bar­tenders what they rec­om­mend. One of the last things I had there was a plum grappa man­hat­tan with an An­gos­tura bit­ters sug­ared rim.

If Ber­lin were a drink, what would it be?

Some­thing sur­pris­ing and com­plex. Ber­lin is made for the tastes of many peo­ple.


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