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For many visi­tors to Berlin, the city’s world­fa­mous nightlife scene is a ma­jor draw. High up on the itin­er­ary is a night (or an en­tire week­end) at the grand­daddy of lo­cal clubs,

Berghain. Per­haps the only thing more leg­endary than this techno tem­ple’s wild par­ties is its im­pen­e­tra­ble bounc­ers. To get in, rev­el­ers can line up for well over an hour, only to be coolly turned away at the door. There are no hard and fast rules, but the best way to en­sure you make it past the stone-faced se­cu­rity is to play it cool and dress ca­sual – the big­gest sin would be to look like you’re try­ing too hard. Don’t show up with en­tourage, and re­mem­ber that you’re be­ing watched as you wait in line: The rowdy, drunken, and ob­nox­ious never get nod­ded in. The same guide­lines ap­ply at other renowned clubs like Tre­sor and Water­gate. For ac­cess to classier clubs like The

Pearl, PURO Sky Lounge, As­phalt, and Bar Tausend (see Nightlife list­ings, p. 59) it’s the op­po­site: To meet the bounc­ers’ ap­proval, you’ll want to dress to im­press.

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