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A fash­ion de­signer's con­fes­sions of love for cloth­ing and Berlin.

What makes Berlin an in­spi­ra­tional place to be a de­signer, and what in­flu­ence does the city have on your work?

Berlin tastes dif­fer­ent. Berlin smells dif­fer­ent. Berlin is sim­ply Berlin, and that is just in­spi­ra­tional. Things that are dif­fer­ent and strik­ing – that’s what Berlin is for me. I love to soak it all up.

What is a must-have item from your cur­rent col­lec­tion?

Any of the styles with birds on them. They’re very dis­tinc­tive and yet down-to-earth. The parka with birds is my ab­so­lute fa­vorite piece. It com­bines well with oth­ers. If it’s cold, it looks great over ev­ery out­fit, or even with jeans and a sweater – it ac­cen­tu­ates ev­ery look.

Your flag­ship store is in the west, in Char­lot­ten­burg. What do you think is unique about this area?

It’s peace­ful, even though there is al­ways lots go­ing on. Char­lot­ten­burg is beau­ti­ful – this is where Berlin shows its most charm­ing side and it’s just pleas­ant to spend time there. There are many nice restau­rants and cafés. The Kur­fürs­ten­damm is iconic and is un­der­go­ing a come­back, which I think is great. My first mem­o­ries of Berlin in­volve Kur­fürs­ten­damm, and to have my shop there to­day, right around the cor­ner from brands like Chanel and Prada, is just amaz­ing.

If Berlin were a per­son, what would be their style?

Prob­a­bly a pretty tough per­son, who couldn’t make up their mind about how to dress. Let’s say Friedrichshain on the top, Char­lot­ten­burg in the mid­dle, and Pren­zlauer Berg down be­low.

What neigh­bor­hood do you live in, and what are some fa­vorite things about it?

In Friedrichshain, which wasn’t my top choice, but the apart­ment was so amaz­ing, I couldn’t say no. I like the street Stralauer Allee a lot. I can still get a strong sense of Berlin’s his­tory there. Un­for­tu­nately there’s been a lot of con­struc­tion and some of the flair has been lost, but I still like it. My fa­vorite res­tau­rant in Friedrichshain is Sch­neeweiß (Sim­plon­str. 16). They do a brunch that is just


Imag­ine it’s beau­ti­ful out­side, and you have the en­tire day off. How would you spend the day?

I would start the day by play­ing ten­nis, which is just a fan­tas­tic thing to do when the weather is nice. Then I would head to Alexan­der­platz to do some shop­ping. For me, Alexan­der­platz is still the place that feels most like Berlin to me. In the evening, I would go for a walk, any­where re­ally – I just love tak­ing walks. It’s a great way to do some peo­ple­watch­ing.


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