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As far as the cur­rent sci­en­tific re­search shows, Earth is the only planet home to civ­i­lizia­tion. But is that re­ally all there is to the uni­verse? The Wil­helm Fo­er­ster Ob­ser­va­tory and Zeiss Plan­e­tar­ium lets as­tronomers of all ages and walks of life pon­der these ques­tions, gaz­ing up at the night sky and look­ing through the ven­er­a­ble 100-year- old re­fract­ing te­le­scope or the high-tech, com­puter-con­trolled Zeiss re­flect­ing te­le­scope. Aside from stargaz­ing, the ob­ser­va­tory and plan­e­tar­ium spe­cial­ize in as­tron­omy ed­u­ca­tion with reg­u­lar pro­grams and group view­ings. Even on cloudy nights, cu­rios­ity for the ce­les­tial is fos­tered with the use of mul­ti­me­dia and tech­nol­ogy to sim­u­late the move­ments and phe­nom­ena in the sky and space. Mun­s­ter­damm 90. T: 030.7900930. www.plan­e­tar­ium-ber­

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