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1.Con­nect to wifi if you can and the ex­pe­ri­ences will down­load even quicker than on 3G, 2.Try to keep the pages as flat as you can for the best ef­fect, 3.Try and keep the fool page in view from your phone or tablet af­ter scan­ning the code. 4.Don’t get too close or far away if you can help it. 5.Wait point­ing un­til the live con­tent is down­loaded and starts play­ing (video and/or mu­sic). Then you can re­move your de­vice away from the printed page. 6.The faster your con­nec­tion - or less busy - you have, the faster the down­load. 7.In the un­likely event that it fail due to poor con­nec­tion, please re­peat by tar­get­ing again on the page or scan again, by press­ing the lit­tle white eye on the right, up on the red col­ored menu of the opened app on your de­vice.

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