The man with The Golden Gun

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υεαr 1974 THE ROW THE NINTH EN­TRY OF THE JAMES BOND SE­RIES | HTAN H 9H TAINIA JAMES BOND LO­CA­TIONS THAI­LAND, HONG KONG, AND MA­CAU. PART OF THE FILM IS ALSO SET IN BEIRUT, LE­BANON. IT WAS THE FIRST BOND FILM TO IN­CLUDE A MID­DLE EAST­ERN LO­CA­TION. | Taϊλανδη, χόνγκ κόνγκ και μακαό. γυριςματα εγιναν KAI ςτη βηρυτό τόυ λιβανόυ. ετςι HTAN η πρωτη ταινια JAMES BOND πόυ περιελαβε γυριςματα ςτη μεςη ανατόλη AC­TOR ROGER MOORE

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