Drachma is not a so­lu­tion

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Greece stands at a cru­cial cross­road: It can ei­ther put its af­fairs in or­der or go bank­rupt and re­turn to the drachma. A pow­er­ful al­liance in fa­vor of the lat­ter has risen. It com­prises old­style unions, state-sup­ported busi­ness­men with no de­sire for ra­tio­nal­iza­tion, bank­rupt busi­ness own­ers who see this as a means of hid­ing their fail­ures, anti-Euro­pean pow­ers of the left and the pop­ulist right, some me­dia and, fi­nally, hard­core PASOK politi­cians who are af­ter main­tain­ing power at all costs. Stand­ing op­po­site this al­liance is a gov­ern­ment with a lead­er­ship deficit and a pan­icked po­lit­i­cal body. Is the coun­try go­ing to be de­stroyed to sat­isfy the in­ter­ests of PPC’s worker union and gold­bugs wait­ing for it to fold? Will some­one ex­plain to the peo­ple that the drachma will lead to poverty and not to re­demp­tion for the av­er­age Greek? We can­not al­low a com­bi­na­tion of pow­er­ful in­ter­ests and in­ef­fec­tual lead­er­ship to lead us to a na­tional disas­ter.

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