The path of com­mon sense

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There is a se­ri­ous risk of the gov­ern­ment com­ing to a stand­still and im­por­tant de­ci­sions in cru­cial sec­tors be­ing de­layed. The elec­tions for the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment in May, the mood swings of Greece’s in­ter­na­tional lenders and the slim gov­ern­ment ma­jor­ity are all fac­tors that have cre­ated a cli­mate of con­cern and un­cer­tainty in both the mar­kets and the po­lit­i­cal arena. That said, this is no time for foot-drag­ging. The gov­ern­ment’s en­gines need to be work­ing at full throt­tle and banks need to make some very im­por­tant de­ci­sions about how they mean to move for­ward. The coun­try needs to be fully op­er­a­tional. Greece can­not af­ford a drawn-out pe­riod of un­cer­tainty, paral­y­sis and ten­sion. Any gl­itch right now could cost the coun­try its re­cov­ery. The only way for­ward is the path of com­mon sense: The gov­ern­ment must forge ahead with its plans and the op­po­si­tion must re­al­ize that it needs to ex­er­cise some self-re­straint.

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