TAIPED of the Armed Forces to uti­lize mil­i­tary-owned prop­erty

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A bill for the cre­ation of a sell-off fund dubbed “TAIPED of the Armed Forces” was tabled in Parliament yes­ter­day, and was sig­nif­i­cantly dif­fer­ent in parts to what De­fense Min­is­ter Panos Kam­menos had pre­vi­ously an­nounced.

This new agency of the Na­tional De­fense Min­istry, which will an­swer di­rectly to the min­is­ter, will lease out prop­er­ties be­long­ing to the three armed forces, in some cases com­bined with prop­er­ties owned by other state en­ti­ties. The con­trac­tors will fol­low the same li­cens­ing pro­ce­dure for strate­gic in­vest­ments as that ap­ply­ing to pri­vate prop­er­ties, but with­out the need for any ap­proval from a gov­ern­ment com­mit­tee.

The en­tity under for­ma­tion will be named the Armed Forces Prop­erty Uti­liza­tion Agency (YPAAPED) and its mis­sion will be to uti­lize prop­er­ties owned by the funds of the Hel­lenic Army, Navy and Air Force that are not used for mil­i­tary pur­poses. The prop­er­ties to be uti­lized will be se­lected by the agency and the tender procla­ma­tion will be ap­proved by the De­fense Coun­cil.

Prop­er­ties will not be sold, but only rented out, while the rev­enues will be handed partly to the fund that owns the prop­erty and partly to­ward the fund­ing needs of the min­istry.

In­ter­est­ingly, the own­ers of the funds will have no real say in the uti­liza­tion of their prop­er­ties, be­sides ex­press­ing an opin­ion. Also, YPAAPED will be able to co­op­er­ate di­rectly with state cor­po­ra­tions and lo­cal au­thor­i­ties for the joint uti­liza­tion of neigh­bor­ing prop­er­ties.

Even prop­er­ties sit­u­ated on the Greek bor­ders can be uti­lized by the agency, pro­vided they are not cov­ered by con­tract restric­tions in those ar­eas. This reg­u­la­tion may well run into con­sti­tu­tional ob­jec­tions, par­tic­u­larly re­gard­ing the cases of un­in­hab­ited islets which for spe­cific rea­sons be­long to the Na­tional De­fense Min­istry and not the Fi­nance Min­istry or the Pub­lic Prop­er­ties Com­pany (ETAD).

The in­ten­tion to cen­tral­ize the new agency is clear in the li­cens­ing process too: In­vest­ment can only be char­ac­ter­ized as “strate­gic” by the min­is­ter him­self, and not by the Min­is­te­rial Com­mit­tee for Strate­gic In­vest­ments. The li­cens­ing of the prop­er­ties will be done with the is­sue of Spe­cial Frame­work for Zone De­vel­op­ment of Strate­gic In­vest­ments, as is the case with pri­vately owned prop­er­ties, and not with the spe­cial zon­ing plans for pri­vate in­vest­ments in pub­lic prop­er­ties; it is not known why.

In con­trast to what Kam­menos had an­nounced on June 9, the new En­gi­neers Corps (MOMKA) will not be in­volved in the con­struc­tion of in­vest­ment projects. Fur­ther­more, the in­vest­ments will not be ex­cluded from the li­cens­ing process as if they con­cerned mil­i­tary in­stal­la­tions.

Even prop­er­ties sit­u­ated on the bor­ders can be uti­lized, but this may well run into con­sti­tu­tional ob­jec­tions, par­tic­u­larly re­gard­ing un­in­hab­ited islets which for spe­cific rea­sons be­long to the De­fense Min­istry.

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