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It is not the first time that a gov­ern­ment of this coun­try, this time the SYRIZA-In­de­pen­dent Greeks coali­tion, is seek­ing to bring a part of the news me­dia un­der its con­trol. Oth­ers have tried to do the same be­fore, and the out­come has al­ways been dire. Such am­bi­tions mean that politi­cians end up work­ing to­gether with en­trepreneurs who move in a gray area, who have pend­ing court cases (or other out­stand­ing af­fairs), or who de­pend on state money to sur­vive. Such syn­er­gies oc­ca­sion­ally mean work­ing with black­mail­ers or crooks. How­ever, un­holy al­liances are bound to be short-lived. The veter­ans of po­lit­i­cal and busi­ness en­tan­gle­ment have an in­sa­tiable ap­petite. If they sense that their de­mands are not be­ing met, they will start to bite. Or they will sim­ply seek to forge new al­liances. It is a tested recipe and the out­come is al­ways the same. The only so­lu­tion is to have the same laws and reg­u­la­tions for all. The Greek gov­ern­ment – and those who may one day suc­ceed it – bet­ter re­al­ize that any other op­tion car­ries risk. And it comes with po­lit­i­cal dam­age for our democ­racy.

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